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Facial Cleansing Oil – The only product you will need to clean your face and remove make up. Oil cleansing is a new yet proven method for curing breakouts and healing skin. There is no need to rinse face or even remove eye make up before using this product.


Why it works:


The oil cleansing method works because it works with your skin not against it. Commercial cleansers are laden with chemical mixtures and harsh stripping agents that completely strip your skin of its natural oils, thus making your skin work much harder than it should at producing good oils. Facial cleansing oil works in conjunction with your skins natural production of good oils, helping it get back to its natural beauty. Massaging the oils into your face is extremely effective at breaking up dirt and grime and loosening clogged pores. Then the heat and steam from the hot washcloth will naturally pull out all the oils that penetrated and cleansed each pore. You are then simply wiping the dirt away. For this reason, make sure you are using a clean washcloth each time.


How to use:


Massage a pea sized amount, or a little more if needed, all over face for about a minute. Make sure water is hot but not too hot to apply to your face. Get a washcloth wet with hot water and apply to your face for about 30 seconds or until the washcloth cools. Start wiping the oils off your face, rinse washcloth and wipe again. Repeat until your face no longer feels oily. It’s always a good idea to splash a little bit of cold water on your face to seal in moisture and shrink your pores.


What will happen next:


If you are using a commercial brand chemical cleanser, which I was at the time I switched to the oil cleansing method, you should expect a bit of a transition period. Your skin has to get used to not having to work as hard to produce natural good oils. Every person will experience this differently but typically breakouts are not common. If your skin is too dry, try my moisturizer and primer. If your skin feels too oily, a wipe down with a warm washcloth will do the trick. It is very important that you try not to use any chemical filled products when switching to the oil cleansing method as it will throw your skin off balance and may cause breakouts and a longer transition. Your skin should achieve its natural beauty and be at its perfect balance by about 2-4 weeks. If you are not satisfied contact me and we will discuss what issues are ongoing for your skin and I will create a new blend for you.


Since I never use any chemicals, additives or preservatives this item may separate. Stir or shake if needed before use. If water is introduced into oils, bacteria growth can occur. I recommend storing product in a cool dry place.

Please note I am not a physician, products are not intended to treat, prevent or cure disease. Use as directed and discontinue if skin rash or irritation occur. Statements not evaluated by the FDA.


THANK YOU so much for visiting my shop. I began researching and creating organic bath and beauty products during my first pregnancy and began incorporating a chemical free, all natural lifestyle once my son was born. My passion is to share my products with you at an affordable rate compared to the overpriced organic/natural products offered here and many other places around the web. Please feel free to message me with any questions about my items or anything else!

Weight 2 oz

Original, Lavender, Citrus Mint

  1. Laura
    5 out of 5


    I was hesitant to try the oil cleansing method at first but when heather explained it to me I figured why not, might as well give it a try.

    Well its been two weeks, when I first started it I had a little breakout but now it is clearing up my skin pretty well.

    Will definitely continuing trying this.