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Beach Waves – A texturizing sea salt spray that will add waves and volume to hair.


How to use:


After washing your hair, make sure it is tangle free. Spray beach waves all through damp hair and scrunch with an old tee shirt to give hair beachy waves or let naturally wavy hair air dry for added texture. A tee shirt tends to be softer on hair than a towel and will drastically reduce frizz. Touching hair with your hands while it’s drying will also cause it to frizz more so only touch to fix any pieces that may not be falling how you want them to. Once dry, enjoy your new tousled wavy back from the beach look!


Since I never use any chemicals, additives or preservatives this item may separate. Stir or shake if needed before use.

Please note I am not a physician, products are not intended to treat, prevent or cure disease. Use as directed and discontinue if skin rash or irritation occur. Statements not evaluated by the FDA.


THANK YOU so much for visiting my shop. I began researching and creating organic bath and beauty products during my first pregnancy and began incorporating a chemical free, all natural lifestyle once my son was born. My passion is to share my products with you at an affordable rate compared to the overpriced organic/natural products offered here and many other places around the web. Please feel free to message me with any questions about my items or anything else!

Weight 2 oz

  1. Marissa
    5 out of 5


    Great product, let me give my hair some lift without having to really get into it, good for on the go or if your in a hurry.