Heather is currently a stay at home mom who started Organic Body Works in 2013 based off methods she used for her family. Heather and her husband of three years have a 10 month old boy and soon to be newborn. Heather loves researching the best organic ingredients, creating and perfecting recipes.

About our items:

Laundry Detergent

Heather started trying to find alternatives to commercial brand laundry detergent when even the sensitive skin types of detergent were not working for her son. She decided to make her own with all organic soaps that are gentle enough for a baby’s sensitive skin but tough enough for a baby’s clothes and perfect for a high efficiency machine.

Facial Cleansing Oil

During her first pregnancy in 2013, Heather had breakouts that no face wash would seem to help. After months and months of research, she found out about the oil cleansing method. This method only uses natural oils to gently pull dirt and grime from pores, leaves a thin layer of protective oils and helps skin regulate natural oil production.

Moisturizer and Primer with Sun Protectant

The healing properties of aloe Vera gel are what lead heather to create the moisturizer and primer sun protectant. For a while her son had a chronic rash on his neck that would lead to cracked skin and store brand creams or ointments seemed to take days to heal it. While she initially had made a basic lotion, she combined a few ideas and created a more versatile lotion she used as a sun protecting moisturizer and make up primer as well as a protective healing cream for her sons skin.

Beach Waves

Heather has used sea salt sprays in her hair for years. None were just perfect. Some would leave a sticky layer, others would make it too frizzy. She started making her own and has perfected the ratio of ingredients to achieve a textured but soft wave look.